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Tammy Tucker book signing at library, Sat., March 29 from 1pm to 4pm.

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Flora Public Library will host a book signing featuring local Fairfield author, Tammy Tucker on Sat. March 29 from 1pm to 4pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.




Flora Public Library will host a book signing on Saturday, March 29, from 1:00 4:00 pm featuring Tammy Tucker, a local author from Fairfield.  She will be selling copies of her two books, “The River Bottoms” and “Ozella's General Store-Cook Station, Missouri.”  The books are available for $18.00 each.


The author holds a B.S. in Bible, a certificate to teach English as a second language and was a registered nurse.  In 2007, Tammy found herself at a crossroads.  After nearly twenty years in the nursing field, she was very ill and finding it harder and harder to go to work and be an effected healthcare provider.  She was diagnosed with life-long fibromyalgia by not only her general practitioner, but also by Dr. Charles Lapp, a world-renowned specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

As a child, it was Tammy's dream to write.  She had a special teacher who mentored her and helped her to hone her talent, Mrs. Linda Puckett.  Later in life, Tammy and her beloved teacher were reunited and began corresponding.  While Tammy was navigating through endless doctor's appointments and treatments, her mother, Mrs. Norma Tucker, encouraged her to start writing.  Tammy had already written many poems and song lyrics as well as short stories.  Her first venture was to tell the story of her late father's childhood growing up during the depression.


Tammy's first book is called, 'The River Bottoms' and is set between 1930 and 1954 for the most part.  Her father grew up in an oil-field camp in the Aden River Bottoms while his dad worked for the Texas Oil Company. 



"It was a hard story to tell because my dad's childhood was not a happy one.  He endured a violently abusive father, poverty and many hardships common to children of that era.  Also, Wayne County was notorious for being the home of 'The Shelton Gang' and people all over Southern Illinois were affected by the dealings of these men.  My dad also had to go through the divorce of his parents and the re-marriage of both of them.  Along with his younger brother and sister, he gained a half-sister from both his father and his mother.  My dad had to go through this while trying to get through high school.  He dropped out for a year but went back and graduated because that is the only way that my mother's dad would let him continue dating my mom!"




'Ozella's General Store-Cook Station, Missouri' is a light-hearted story based on the life of another Wayne County native.  Ozella Velma Finley was born at the turn of the century and was the oldest sister of Opal Finley Blackburn of Fairfield.  Opal was Tammy's grandmother on her mother's side.  Ozella moved to St. Louis in 1920, met and married her first husband, Jeff Gorman.  They moved to a tiny Ozark town and became the unofficial mayor and first lady of the community.  Beloved by all who knew them, they owned and operated the local mercantile, feed store, poultry store, ran a dairy farm, helped with the railroad and Ozella was the local Postmistress for over 40 years.   The story is told through the eyes of Tammy’s mother when she was a child going to visit her beloved Aunt Ozella in the summertime before, during and after WWII.  There are some stories that fill in the gaps which are typical of mountain folk of the Ozarks.


'Ozella's General Store' was featured at the 'Women of Faith' convention in Kansas City, Mo. last fall where Tammy signed 120 copies of the book.  She also did several book signings in Cook Station and the surrounding area for those who knew Ozella and were excited about the book that featured their tiny community.  The book is now being prepared by the publisher, West Bow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson/Zondervan Publishing House, to be sent to Hollywood in a synopsis form to be presented to agents, producers, actors as well as other executives who are looking for fresh new stories.  Tammy has dreamed of having a career in screenwriting and seeing her work being played out on the big screen.


Tammy continues to work on several projects which include a third book to make her first two a trilogy.  She is also preparing illustrations for a series of children's books that stress the importance of laughter and smiles to share with other children through God's love.  She is a member of First Christian Church of Fairfield and enjoys singing, playing the piano, graphic arts and crafts and playing with her four-legged friends.  She is the daughter of the late Marshall Tucker and Mrs. Norma Tucker of Fairfield.



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