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Circulation Policy

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Flora Public Library's Circulation Policy Revised 11/08/2004



1)     Flora Public Library issues cards free of charge to any person residing within the city limits of Flora.  This does not include persons who have a Flora address but live in an unincorporated area.  Identification with proof of residency is required at the time of application for a library card.  Date of Birth, Driver’s License or Illinois ID, and Social Security number will be requested on all card applications, but are not required.  Post office boxes are not acceptable as mailing addresses without proof of residency; a street address in addition to a post office box is preferred.  Proof of residency may be established by any one of the following:

(a)   checkbook

(b)   drivers license

(c)    utility bill

(d)   a letter received at home address within past

(e)   two months

(f)     personal knowledge of patron’s address

(g)   phone book

(h)   call to City Hall

2)   The Library prefers that a reference, outside of the immediate household, be listed on adult application cards.  Individuals under 18 years of age may use their parents as a reference and verify their address by having a parent or guardian submit one of the items listed above.  Parent or guardian will be requested to submit at least one of the four types of identification numbers listed in section 1.  Juvenile cards are issued to patrons aged 0-under 14 and Young Adult cards are issued to patrons aged 14-under 18.

3)   All such cards carry full borrowing privileges at Flora Public Library
and are valid for two years.


Flora Public Library card may be issued free of charge to non‑residents who own property inside the city limits.  One card may be issued for each parcel of land owned.  (i.e.  if two parcels are owned, two cards may be issued to the family; four parcels, four cards may be issued)  A current tax slip on the property will verify ownership.  Proof of address and reference as outlined in A-1 must also be provided.  Both the patron’s actual address and that of the property owned will appear on the patron’s record.  Only the person named on the card is authorized to use it.  These cards are valid for one year.


Any corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship located inside the city limits of Flora that deals in retail or wholesale sales or sales of service is eligible for a library card free of charge at the Flora Public Library under the following conditions:

1)   An officer or owner of the business presents a letter to the library
requesting a card and designating one individual who is authorized to use the card.

2)   All such cards carry full borrowing privileges at the Flora Public Library
and are valid for one year.


1)   Anyone not otherwise entitled to a Flora Public Library card may purchase a non-resident card.  The non-resident fee entitles an individual and all members of the immediate family living at the same address to one library card.  The non-resident fee will be comparable to the amount the average Flora resident is currently contributing to the library fund through annual taxes and will be determined following the guidelines established by the Illinois State Library.  A purchased library card entitles the holder to full borrowing privileges and must be renewed annually at the set fee.

2)   Non-resident institutional cards will not be issued.


1)                  Anyone who holds a valid library card from Flora Public Library, and is in good standing, may also use the card at any other participating public library in the Shawnee Library System (SHLS).

2)                  When borrowing material from other public libraries with a Flora card, borrowers must follow the policies set by the lending library.


1)   A Flora Public Library card-holder accepts full responsibility for all materials checked out on that card.  Library cards should not be loaned outside the immediate household.  Some card types are restricted to use of patron named on the card.  The cardholder is responsible for notifying the Library if the card is lost or stolen.  For security reasons, anyone purchasing a duplicate or replacement card may be asked to show ID.  If necessary, ID may also be requested when patrons renew a card.

2)   A child or young adult below the age of 18 who applies for a Flora Public Library card must have the application signed by a parent or guardian who agrees to take full financial responsibility for lost or damaged materials as well as those that are overdue.  Parents or guardians are responsible for determining the suitability of reading matter for their children.

3)   In order to protect both the Library and its patrons, anyone charging material should present a library card.  Non-resident families may now need more than one card if different schedules will not permit the sharing of a single card.  The parent/guardian should determine the number of cards to be issued to the family.


             A.              Anyone who wishes to use the Gates Workstations but does not wish to obtain a library card may purchase a one-week Computer Pass.  A Computer Pass costs $2.00 and expires at closing time on the seventh day.  Passes may be purchased in multiples of up to four weeks.  This pass is for Gates workstation use only and does not include Circulation, Interlibrary Loan or other services which are contingent upon having a valid library card.

              B.              To obtain a Computer Pass, user must fill out a Computer Pass Application and Internet Use Agreement.  Requirements for Computer Pass Applications are as follows.

1)      Patron must fill out a Computer Pass Application that includes, but is not limited to, name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and date of birth.  One form of identification must be presented to verify name and address.

2)   Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a Computer Pass Application and an Internet Use Agreement.  Patrons under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present at all times while they use the Internet.  A juvenile patron that turns 14 no longer has to have a parent present to use the library’s Internet.  After turning 14, a juvenile will be allowed to use the Internet alone.  Any type of Internet usage restriction to the contrary will be between parent and juvenile.




1)   Staff and board members shall not be charged for overdue materials, photocopies, nor postage fees on reserve nor any rental fees excepting those charged by Shawnee Library System for materials borrowed for other than library use.

2)   Staff and board members may borrow unreserved materials for an indefinite period of time.  While notices will be issued to remind them that the material is still out, they will not be charged overdue fines.  Any item which is on reserve is to be returned by a staff member within the usual loan period.

3)   All privileges shall be surrendered upon termination of employment or position on the board.





1)          The Flora Public Library library card is valid at the Flora Public Library and most other public libraries in the SHLS.  It is also valid at many public libraries in other Illinois Library Systems and at the Illinois State Library.  Acceptance of the card varies according to individual library policies.

2)          The Flora Public Library honors valid library cards from both online and non-online public libraries in the Shawnee Library System.  Patrons from non-online libraries are given a Flora barcode and registered as a reciprocal borrower.  The library reserves the right to check the standing of the borrower at the home library.  Reciprocal patrons must have their library card to check out materials.  Restrictions on such use may be set in accordance with SHLS and Illinois State Library policies.


1)   If a book or other material is not owned by the Flora Public Library, the Library will attempt to procure it through Interlibrary Loan for the holder of a Flora Public Library card.  Holders of cards issued by other public libraries must place holds and pick up material at their home library.  These patrons will also need to return to their home libraries to locate material not in the online database.  All borrowers are subject to the ILL policies of Flora Public Library, Shawnee Library System, and any other lending institutions.

2)   All borrowed materials should be returned to the same
institution where it was checked out.

3)   The Flora Public Library, as a member of the Shawnee Library
System, also reciprocates in the loan of materials to all other library systems in the State of Illinois.


1) The loan period and overdue fees for items procured through interlibrary loan shall be determined by the lending institution.

2)     Fines for overdue materials, not included in #1, shall be set by the Flora Public Library.

3)     Charges, including applicable processing fees, for lost or damaged materials procured through interlibrary loan will be the charges set by the lending institution.  Once Flora Public Library has paid the lending institution for a lost item, and cannot receive a refund, no refund shall be given to patron if the item is later returned.

4)     Patrons utilizing any interlibrary loan or SHLS service shall be advised of potential charges, if any, when material is ordered and of charges, if any, when material is loaned.

5)     Fees for loaning items out-of-state as stated in the Interlibrary Loan Policy shall be set by Flora Public Library.


1)   Fees may be charged for other services or for lost or damaged materials.  Fees for damaged material may include the total cost of replacement.  Patrons reporting lost material will be required to pay the full price of the material and any overdue charges that have accumulated up to that time.  When material has been damaged beyond repair, and the replacement cost has been paid, ownership of the material may revert to the patron on request if the Library can no longer use the material.

2)   A fee shall be charged to replace lost, stolen, or mutilated library cards.

3)   Receipts are issue at the time of payment for lost material.  A receipt listing the price paid for the material and any fine money collected will be given to the patron.  If the material is later found and returned in good condition, within 12 months, a refund  will be made for the price of the material.  There will be no refund of any fines collected.  To receive a refund, a patron      must bring a receipt or a cancelled check.  If a cancelled check is presented, it will be assumed that the maximum fine was paid on each item and this will be deducted from the total before the refund is calculated.  All refunds from the Library to the patron will be issued by check.  The check will be issued at the next regularly scheduled bill payment time.  Refunds will not be made for interlibrary loan items that have already been paid for by the library.

4)   Deposits may be charged on high loss items (i.e. GED, ASVAB, & other study guides and auto repair manuals).  Upon return of item, the deposit, minus any fines or fees, is returned to the patron.

5)   Damage fines may be assessed on materials that are returned with slight damage.

6)   Other fees may be charged as deemed necessary.



1.)                    In order that all members of the community may share equally in the use of library materials, various loan periods shall be established by the Board of Trustees.  Most items are checked out for four (4) weeks.  Shorter loan periods apply to magazines, audio/visual material, and vertical file items.  Current issues of magazines shall not check out until next issue arrives.  Loan periods for new or popular books may vary from one to two weeks.    There are no renewals on new or popular items (i.e. Holiday books).  Renewals and/or extensions on other materials may be made at the discretion of library staff.  Reference materials are loaned at the discretion of the Library Director for very limited periods of time.

2.)                    Restrictions of type and of amounts of materials that may be borrowed may also be set by the Board of Trustees.  Information on loan periods and limitations for specific items is available at the Circulation Desk.

3.)                    Holds may be placed by a patron who has a Flora Public Library card who wishes to be notified when a particular book is available for checkout.  The individual will be notified by phone or mail and the book will be held for a specified period of time.  All holds, including those of staff and Board members, are processed in the order received.

4.)                      While a public library is never responsible for providing curriculum materials for community schools, the Flora Public Library is happy to supplement school owned materials whenever possible.  On occasion a teacher in a public or private Flora school may request additional books for classroom use.  This may be arranged under the following conditions:

1.   The teacher must be responsible for pick-up and return of books.  The teacher is also  responsible for payment for any lost or damaged material.

2.   A reasonable amount of material on any one subject may be checked out.  Exceptions may be granted by the Library Director.

3.   Holiday and reference materials will not be included in this arrangement.

4.   It is expected that the materials will be returned within the appropriate loan periods.


1.)                    Moderate fines are set for overdue materials.  In order to encourage return of long overdue material, moderate maximum fines have been established.  Information on fines is available at the Circulation Desk.

2.)                    Overdue notices are sent to individuals one to two weeks after the due date.  Borrowing privileges are suspended when material becomes four weeks overdue.  Reinstatement of borrowing privileges occurs when the individual returns the overdue material and pays the accumulated fines or when the price of the item along with the accumulated fines is paid in full.  Borrowing privileges are also suspended when excessive fines or overdue materials are accumulated.  If one member of a household has cancelled borrowing privileges, all other members of the immediate household are prohibited from checking out materials until the charges have been resolved.  After material has been overdue for 5 weeks, the Board of Trustees has the option of requesting collection of the materials by an authorized agency.

3.)                    When a person informs the Library that material has been returned that the Library has no record of receiving, the individual will be held responsible for the material until it is returned or until the full price of the material along with accumulated fines has been paid.  The Library will assist individuals in these cases by searching the shelves for the material and notifying them of the results of the search.

4.)                      Return of Library materials is of great importance and any procedure that the Library follows in an individual case will be in keeping with that philosophy.  Final disposition of problems involving overdue materials will be handled by the Library Director.


1)   A limited number of each audio/visual format may be borrowed by an individual at any one time.  Information on item limits may be obtained at the Circulation Desk.  No reservations will be taken, and all A/V items will be available on a “first come, first served” basis.  Patrons reporting lost or damaged A/V material will be required to pay the full price of the materials and any overdue charges that have accumulated up to that time.

2)   Loan of videocassettes shall be for one week and a daily fine, up to a maximum of $5.00 less than cost, shall be charged for overdue items.  Other audio/visual items shall be loaned for two weeks and fines, at approved rate, shall be charged up to 75% of item cost.  All audio/visuals should be returned to the Circulation Desk but may be returned in the book depository.  A Flora Public Library card application, which includes a summary of these circulation policies, must be signed prior to being allowed to check out audio/visual materials.


The library staff reserves the right to :

1)   Limit use of PACs to 15 minute intervals, when necessary, to allow equal access for all patrons.

2)   Ask anyone who is abusive with PAC equipment or disruptive to leave the terminal.

X. Web-Based Public Access Catalog

The web-based Public Access Catalog allows patrons to access holdings of Flora Public Library and the 55+ other member libraries in the Shawnee Library System consortium, from a remote location. Web-based PAC allows patrons to place holds, search the database, renew items (when allowed), change status of holds, view items currently checked out, view any charges on their record, and access their own patron information.  To be eligible, patrons must meet the following requirements:

A.     Patrons should have access to a PC, an Internet connection and Internet Service Provider.

B.     Patrons must have a Flora Public Library card that is in good standing.

C.     Patrons must come to the library to select a Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Once selected, the patron can change their PIN any time from their own computer.  For security reasons, PINs will not be given out over the phone.

D.    Patrons must comply with all policies concerning circulation and interlibrary loan while using the web-based Public Access Catalog.  The same policies governing in-house circulation and interlibrary loan also apply to online activities.



APPROVED 2/11/92

REVISED 4/12/94

REVISED 5/10/94

REVISED 9/13/94

REVISED 5/11/99

REVISED 12/12/00

ADDITION 6/19/01

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